A Salute To The Purple Heart

Join Us October 22-25th, 2021 At The Orleans
Hotel, Las Vegas

Featured Speakers

Wade Ishimoto
Mitch Utterback
Gus Taylor
John S. Meyer
Doug Taylor
Major (R)
Jocko Willink

Hosts, Vendors
& More

The Special Forces Association Convention is back in October 2021, coming to Las Vegas, with a larger venue, great room rates and an incredible hospitality room promising one of the biggest SFA Conventions ever held.

We are offering something for everyone, whether it be catching up with old friends in the hospitality room, checking out our phenomenal vendors, site seeing in Las Vegas or taking part in the Death Valley Motorcycle Ride, the Butler Purple Heart Race and Golf Tournament. Our Banquet promises to epic, with LTC (R) Mitch Utterback as the Master of Ceremonies! Don't miss out, register and book your room now.

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The Special Forces
Association Convention

  • Giant hospitality and vendor room, which will have an open bar for all four days
  • Butler Purple Heart 5 Mile Race culminating in SFA Picnic/Festival/Live Band
  • Death Valley Motorcycle Ride
  • Golf Tournament
  • Local Tours throughout the weekend: Valley of Fire, Mob Museum, Outlet Shopping Mall
  • Our incredible lineup of symposium speakers:
  • LTC (R) Mitch Utterback, CPT (R) Wade Ishimoto, John S. Meyer, COL (R) Gus Taylor & MAJ (R) Doug Taylor.
  • Final night Banquet

What We Are Working On:


Vegas Night Club
Hosted Night Out


Poker and Slot
Machine Tournaments


We Will Keep You Posted As We Complete Planning

We are hard at work planning an exciting lineup of events. The room reservation portal and Convention registration portals are active and you can register now. We will be adding speakers, events and information of note to the website as details are confirmed.

Thank you and we hope to see you in 2021!


For the first time ever, the Special Operations Association Reunion and the Special Forces Association Convention will be held at the same hotel, overlapping by one day.  SOAR will have its convention October 18-22nd, and our room rates are good during this period. So if you want to attend both events, these events are back to back.  On Friday 10/22/21, we will have a shared hospitality room with both organizations.

Please see the link to SOA below for details on their event.


The Butler
Purple Heart

Saturday October 23rd, 2021

Making A Difference

We are proud to announce that we will be running the Butler Purple Heart Race and after party in conjunction with the Annual SFA Picnic / Festival in 2021. The "M" Hotel will be our race start and finish location and we will use the "M"'s scenic outdoor pool deck and concert facility for our SFA Picnic. Live music, static displays, vendor displays and great food plus a whole lot more are coming your way!

Butler Purple Heart Website

Hotel Reservations

The Orleans Hotel

- Las Vegas, Nevada
Room Rates
Weekday Rates: $47
Weekend Rates: $97

*all rooms are charged an additional resort fee of
$15.99 + tax per night


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to the Groups reservations page and use the code.


Our Sponsors

Please follow the link to apply for a USAA Special Forces Association Membership.

2021 Sfacon Coin

The 2021 Special Forces Association Convention (SFACON) commemorative coin was designed by Excalibur Industries. The coin is a 2.5” gold coin finished in enamel featuring high resolution 3D images.

We wanted to make a different style coin for the Convention. One that would be a little different yet represent all Special Forces from all eras.

The coin itself is based on an ancient Greek shield design; the intricate graphics that were used on ancient Greek Shields are used on this coin. Ancient Greek city states came together and fielded an army which stopped the Persian invasion of the West, which to this day protected our freedoms that we now have. The shield is a representation of this act, similar to how our Special Forces now protect our way of life.

On the front of the coin, a 3D Greek Helmet is superimposed over the Special Forces Branch Logo. This represents our Special Forces Soldiers who fight for the liberty of the oppressed.

The reverse of the coin shows the SF Crest (DUI) with Original SFA decade “X”.

All attendees will receive this coin.